To ensure good and hospitable service for groups, SomSom takes care of two kind of arrangements for groups of 8 people and more.

A three course menu with a choice of meat or fish  (€33,00 per person)


The Thai and Indonesian mixed arrangement with a variety of plates to share (€25,00 per person)



Three course menu arrangement for groups (€33pp)


*Amuse bouche* 

Thai salmon tartare
Finely chopped raw salmon infused with lemongrass, Thai basil and avocado

Laab moo

Warm minced meat salad with mint, cilantro, lime juice and shallots


Main course
Chicken with cashewnuts
Stir-fried chicken breast fillet with bell peppers, cashewnuts and light spicy chili oil

Thai red curry with fish 'Chu-Chi style'
White fish fillets in a red curry-coconut sauce with chilis, lime leaves and cherry tomatoes



Homemade mascarpone-lemon cheesecake
Coffee to your liking

Vegetarian option avaliable

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The Thai/Indonesian mixed arrangement to share (€25pp)

Sharing is caring! Don't worry about what to choose; let us fill your table with joy. Share the following plates with your best friends and family:

Chicken saté
Marinated and grilled chicken loin skewers served with traditional peanut sauce


Sambal goreng telor
Deep fried eggs in an Indonesian chili paste


Laab tod
Deep fried minced meat balls with shallots, lime juice and mint


Panang curry chicken
Chicken fillet in a spicy curry/coconut sauce with red chilis and lime leaves


Beef rendang
Softly stewed beef with Indonesian herbs, lemongrass and a hint of coconut


Thai fishcakes
The original soft Thai fried fishcakes, flavoured with red curry and lime leaves, served with a chilli - peanut - cucumber sauce


Sayur buncis
Green beans and chinese cabbage with ginger and toasted coconut


Fresh and spicy salad of green papaya, with lime and peanuts


Bami goreng
Indonesian style fried noodles


Steamed jasmine rice

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